Welcome, Bienvenue, 欢迎,

Here a quick introduction of myself. 

I was born and raised in Tahiti, French Polynesia. After my high school I've decided to leave my island and moved to France where I've integrated one of the prestigious school of photography of France call ETPA based in Toulouse. During my cursus I was surrounding by amazing people who live and feel the photography world and I was able to meet different types of professional photographer which give me another perception and improved my eye for photography. With what I learned, I can say that I am ready for the "real world". 

Once graduated, I moved to Beijing to study mandarin and by doing so I met interesting, helpful and inspiring professional photographer. 

After the Beijing adventure I moved to Auckland, New Zealand where I am currently based.

For enquiries: 

• Email: wesley.kiou@gmail.com

•Mobile: +64-21-083-19151


Thank you, Merci, 谢谢.